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The Scud missile is perhaps the best-known named missile in history.  First developed in the Soviet Union shortly after the Second World War, thousands of these missiles were built by Russia, and later, countless more were, and are, reproduced by many other countries. The Scud B was already to be found in the Middle East by the mid 1960's; the Egyptians fired several Scud Bs against Israel in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. 

So many models of Scud missiles exist that it is hard to profile them with accuracy.  Syrian production of Scud missiles (with Russian, Iranian and North Korean assistance) began to be reported in the early 1990s, with reports of between 15-30 new Scud Ds built every year. There have also been reported tests of chemical and biological warheads for these missiles.

 There are no publicly available pictures of Syrian Scud missiles.

Sources: missilethreat.com; also globalsecurity.org



  Technical Details Summary  
Name Scud C/D
Type medium range ballistic missiles
Built by ?
Warhead 770 kg high explosive, biological, or chemical
Launcher specially built vehicles
Number in arsenal hundreds
Range 550 km / 700 km
Propulsion liquid (solid?) fuel, single stage
Guidance system inertial













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